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About us

Southernmost UX is a full service user experience consulting firm committed to providing the highest level of service and best possible outcomes for our partners. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique business problems our partners face and tailor engagements around those needs.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing an range of services in the areas of user research and design. However, we pride ourselves most in our ability to assist with business strategies based on user insights. Whether you have a vision that is awaiting execution or need help refining a vision to elevate your organization, we excel by collaborating with our partners from discovery through delivery.

We believe measurable outcomes are the primary means of determining success. An integrated business strategy aligned with a prescriptive UX strategy is our playbook.

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We don’t have customers, we have partners. We believe in leveraging standard methodologies over theatrics or fads that aren’t proven in industry. Your investment in user experience, whether external or internal, should be a careful consideration. Participation with our partners is paramount to the success of any engagement. We look forward to collaborating with you create awesome experiences.

User Research

We believe a little research goes a long way; knowing your users and understanding how their challenges align with your business objectives provides the best foundation to deliver an industry leading experience. Our research delivers actionable intelligence; not just is identifying the challenges your users face, but how do you realistically address the challenges based on your unique environment and needs.

Both Moderated and Unmoderated Usability Evaluations

Focus Groups

User Profile/Persona Creation

Journey/Story Mapping

User Interface Design

Our successful design services are focused on a secret sauce of collaboration. We believe cross-functional team input fosters an environment where teams can deliver the best possible outcomes. Just-in-time design is one of our philosophies to create tangible results. The opposite of big design upfront, this practice seeks to provide enough information for the engineering team to deliver without bogging down stakeholders in process.

User Interface Design

Interaction Design

Rapid Prototyping

Design System Creation

Information Architecture



Creating a user experience strategy can be challenging. Our partners leverage our user and business insight expertise to help define or refine their own Visions. By understanding the business problems you need to solve, we ask the right questions to help transform your business.

Process Improvement Insights

Product Roadmap Planning

Portfolio Management Insights

Competitive analysis


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